What a hideous idea… Or so I thought. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than what is effectively a karaoke date. However, after I stopped cringing I realised the participants where having a good time. The end date was a bit like watching someone elses foreplay, so unless you’re a voyeur I wouldn’t recommend watching the show. But if singing is your thing this is a great way to meet people.

Singing is not my thing. I’m not really sure I know what my thing is now I have nothing to fall into. I’m enjoying having a focus with the blog though, so obviously writing is one of the things. It’s not really a participation sport though is it. Aside from the occasional readings that is.

On my dating profile, I have concentrated on my writing and my art, two insular activities. Activities I have obviously owned IT’S MY ART, GET YOUR OWN. It’s what I’m doing. I dare not put what I want to be doing, or maybe I should… and be the next best smut novelist. I want to be sailing, difficult to do in a land locked city and expensive too. What do you do? Again the aspirational questions, go for what you want? What if you aspire and then find you are uninspired.

My observations have hit 32. I have been liked by a teacher (I shall call him Harry.) Well, I liked him and he was very prompt in liking me back. Then I panicked. I didn’t realise that I would actually end up liking someone and so soon. I haven’t the money for the subscription. What now? I tried to send a veiled message. The site I used caught me out and suspended my profile for 24 hours. Damn.

I felt like a teenager having a strop. Bastards. You can’t have anything for nothing these days. (Shameless). Once I talked to myself I realised I can use this to my advantage. I’m playing it cool. He’ll be impressed that I waited, because in my mind he’s watched Clerks and he knows I know this. Yeah! So much for me staying grounded in the real world.