I had the best of intentions to start this blog in the deeper recesses of my TickerTapeMind, but honestly, why would I do that intentionally? I can always present my ‘Ticks’ in a more natural manner by telling you how the brain is working shit over.

1) I had a date with ‘Harry’ it went really well. I have been thinking some of the following over the last week: I really like him, I don’t think he’s for me, We don’t seem to be compatible, When I’m in work some of the things I am worried about will be none issues, I know he’s busy but why isn’t he emailing back, I’m dating other people he’s not that interested in me, I really like him he’s funny and intelligent. (Aren’t you supposed to be over this when you leave adolescence?)

2) I wanted to listen to an album that I have on tape only. I have given away all my tape playing equipment. I remembered that I have a dictaphone, so I dug out my tapes and I have been nursing my dictaphone ever since. Every time a side ends I jump, even though I know that it is coming. POP! Open the cassette draw, flip the tape, close the draw, press play, make sure that I hold the player flat so the speed of the spools is not effected… What a farce and yet wonderfully and sublimely retro.

3) Music I have listened to this week: Mos Def (only half his first album, UMI says being the best track), James Morrison’s first album is playing as I type this (I hooked up an old cd player so I didn’t have to use the computer, more about that in 4 probably), Amy Winehouse’s Frank <3, some Bjork, some reggae. Actually, I decided that I would do an A-Z playlist. A is for Adele, Daydreamer. B is for Barenaked Ladies, Some Fantastic. C is for Candi Staton, You Got the Love. It could easily have been the Cure's Same Deep Water as well. And I did wonder why B wasn't for Bjork's Hyperballad. Hm. D is for Depeche Mode, It's No Good.

4) Vista and AVG combo make me want to pull my hair out. I have considered duel booting the PC ever since I got it two years ago and still haven't. I'm in a technology slip stream and with it comes absolute apathy. I'd love a Mac Mini. I'd love it a lot. I'd flirt with it daily and stroke it too.

5) I'm going to a wedding this evening and I can't decide if I should wear trousers or a dress.

6) I have been shortlisted for two internships and I can not decide which one to take if I get offered them both. I have decided that I AM GOING TO BE OFFERED BOTH because I am frickin fabulous. I'll cry if I don't get either.

7) Is this me falling into things and referring to type or is this taking control of my life? Does it matter? I am content. The Buddhist prayer flags in the kitchen have fallen down after being up for years. Is this significant?

8) Why am I wasting valuable 'eye time' writing a blog, when I should be researching for my interviews?