I didn’t get man or job. Just a lousy cold.

I think that it is perfectly reasonable at this juncture to say, “Fuck!”. There are a few other choice words, but wary of the word limit I’ll stick with that one. “Fuck, that is so depressing”.

My savings are gone and the government wants to take away my home of the last decade (I have a spare room and ought not to have because I am now poor). So poor that it looked like I might have had to visit a food bank; could have been embarrassing to find myself in line with some of my ex residents.

I remembered that I hadn’t put in my expenses for one of the volunteer jobs I do. Hurrah! Can have fruit and vegetables. Even managed to get some raisins and dessicated coconut. I am diversifying. I ought to stop baking cakes in the Pyrex, I might be able to sell them if they looked a little less ‘bowly’.

TickerTapeMind ought to be in job search mode. However, it is more focused on writing (probably because friends are winning prizes and being printed). Writing a blog, a journal, an article: even 100 words to see what kitten I would get for “Written? Kitten!” Google it, it’s a great. I digress, but that’s kind of the point too. I don’t want to fill in another job application. I don’t want to go to another interview and be told another candidate was stronger than me. “You’re good, just not good enough”. No shit Sherlock! Otherwise that would be nepotism. #Sulking.

OK I lied. 2 choice words. Shit and Fuck. Fuck, Shit. Fuck this Shit. Shitting Fuck.

FatCat gets all the money. WorkerBee works more hours than is healthy because FatCat threatens another WorkerBee will have his/her job. S/he is kept working through fear, because you know in this climate it is hard to get a job. WorkerBee is not being paid extra money for extra hours even though s/he is working two jobs and FatCat works least and benefits from WorkerBee’s labour. Now, DoleyScum (that would be me) would like 50% of Worker Bee’s hours, so DoleyScum can have the satisfaction that comes from having done a job well and keep her lovely home, or afford to move across town to where all the CoolKids are. BUT FatCat will not pay the extra wage whilst WorkerBee keeps working.

Government, instead of making FatCat pay fair wages for fair work, tells WorkerBee that DoleyScum is lazy and wants a living for nothing. Everybody is shitting on DoleyScum, when all DoleyScum wants is a shitting job! DoleyScum knows that men get more money for the same work she does (when she’s working) and even though “Commerce” is telling the world that women are more marketable, they are still chronically underemployed and underpayed. BUT Male DoleyScum and WorkerBee believe FatCat’s bullshit (is that technically still the second choice word?) and hate Female WorkerBee and DoleyScum for putting pressure on their wages and jobs. Let’s not even talk about “all the foreigners”.

I’ve never been the kind of woman to sell my soul or my principles, but never has becoming FatCat’s PlayThing seemed more attractive. Hey! Here’s what I can do. I can set myself up as some sort of “Honey Trap” hahaha yeah, no, that is never going to work, I can’t even finish the sentence…

J is for Jamiroquai – Mr Moon
K is for Chaka Khan – I Feel for You
L is for Level 42 – Lessons in Love
M is for Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More
N is for N. E. R. D. – Break Out
O is for OutKast – Ms Jackson
P is for Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Q is for Queen Latifah – U. N. I. T. Y.
R is for Rhianna Kenny – Oh Baby
S is for Selah Sue – Please (ft Cee Lo Green)