I thought that I would tidy up a few things from yesterdays post.

I don’t think that all men buy into the bullshit. What I think is that large corporations want us all (men and women) to buy into to the bullshit to maintain the status quo. What FatCat wants is a docile and subservient working population and s/he will utilise any means necessary to achieve that. Including telling you that JohnnyForeigner wants YOUR job.

Unemployment is completely unnecessary and avoidable. It exists merely to provoke a climate of fear. It is very successful. As is the old JohnnyForeigner rouse. Working migrants are the bedrock of healthy work environments (and gene pools). Let’s not forget that plenty of ‘US’ go over there ‘THERE’, how is that different from ‘THEM’ coming over ‘HERE’?

Why did I tag Feminism in? Because anyone understanding all these things that still thinks it’s ok to not employ a woman (because men need the work) or fail to pay her a full wage, is sexist.

I believe that the current economic climate is created by a few men’s greed (there may be a few women somewhere). This is one of the more destructive elements of ‘Individualism’. I believe that Individualism creats an either/or climate, a false dichotomy between EVERYTHING!

I believe that’s so damaging to everyone on the face of the planet. Very few things in life are either/or.

Maybe I’m just a hippy. That’s okay with me. Being Buddhist I think it’s a complement. I think we should all get what we want, but not at the expense of someone else.

T is for Talk Talk – It’s My Life
T is also for TLC – Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes (ft Andre 3000)

Nothings changed but the gangs…

I baked the worst cake ever yesterday, it’s full of fruit, but heavy as a brick.

P.S. I cannot for the life in me get my links embedded within the main body of my blog. So I have posted it as a comment.

P. P. S. I need a hug.