I almost cried when I saw kids on TV eating pizza.

I’ve never been a big meat-eater, haven’t eaten Pork since I was 14 and in a vegetarian phase. I started to eat fish and chicken here and there, but went veggie again when I decided I was Buddhist about 12 years ago. It’s not a prerequisite, but the Dalai Lama asked the question “Why would you eat the flesh of another living being if you didn’t have to?” Good question.

I got a bit poorly and decided to eat fish again, they live mostly free and in better conditions than most other animals (I eat responsibly sourced fish). To offset this (morally) I gave up drinking milk, calves die for milk and the lives the cows lead are pretty gruesome, it is a life in bondage. I did really well for months, till I broke, I cannot live with out cheese, but did stick to soya milk.

We do not know why my body is attacking itself but there is only one way to find out and that is the process of elimination. Dairy first (no eggs either). Just to be insane about it, I decided that I would cut soya out at the same time. I can’t say that I feel any better so far. It’s not too bad, easier than stopping smoking (8 months and counting). (Have you noticed a rise in my use of parentheses? Curious isn’t it?)

I’m house sitting for a friend. The house comes complete with two dogs, a lurcher and a black lab. Beautiful beasts, well natured; one insanely well-behaved and the other a bit of a disaster zone and prone to selective hearing. The black lab is not well so walks have to be brief and moderate. But still, half hour four times a day soon mounts up.

I thought that no cheese, a house with stairs and 2 hours walking a day would result in me losing a few. Then on Saturday the lab started limping. He’s on limited walks (one a day) and antibiotics and steroids and painkillers. Shit. The lurcher still needs walking but my heart breaks every time I close the door on the other one, so she’s getting shorter walks. Shit.

I get to light a fire in the wood burner everyday though! I found some dairy free snacks; a packet of Nice biscuits that do not contain milk, but may have milk in them!? A packet of peri-peri chicken crisps that don’t have chicken in them, but may have soya in and a bag of mixed nuts that I have not read the allergy instructions for O.o

My theatre has re-opened, it has a new management team. I read four pages of ’50 Shades of Grey’ because it was on my friends computer desk and I finished my book too early. I can’t read any further, even teenage novels read better. I am now reading ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’, lets face it I need to. I’m listening to; Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons and Arctic Monkeys. And hoping that I am not lactose intolerant and that my loose morals do not continue to slide, I suppose I could always eat road kill.

Just in case you were wondering how I’m taking my tea, I’m drinking it with Almond milk, which is really nice with cereal but a bit rank in tea.

And finally, I am having some of my work read at a literature festival.