I ought to be dressed and in town picking up some cat litter and Almond milk. Oh wait! Be right back.

Just sent off a funding application for a project, and turned off the bath. Checked myself in the mirror and I look pretty fit today! Hair is totally wild and needs a good wash, but it’s big hair and I always prefer that look…

Anyhow, I’m writing a blog when I should be having a bath. I have my volunteering in 2 hours and I need to go pick up my manuscripts before I get there. Something tells me I am not going to achieve all my goals today…

I’ve been listening to Bat for Lashes (particularly ‘All My Gold’)and Pink.

I have started writing a new book, did I already tell you that?

And my piece of pure me-ness for today, is emptying the vinegar and dill from an empty jar of gherkins in to the toilet (so that I can recycle the jar) and then going back into the bathroom (after putting the jar in the bin) to turn off the bath, catching the colour in the bowl and having a mini heart attack. Oh my days! It’s OK! I’m OK.

Friday is the last day of my Non-dairy diet. I have to say apart from the first few days, it’s been really easy. Stopping smoking is the best thing I ever did, now it’s my mantra… “If I can stop smoking I can…”