Firstly I will apologise in advance for what might be a strange and rambling blog (more so than usual that is). Please can we all have a moments silence for the can of lager that I just stabbed and eviscerated whilst trying to liberate it from it’s packaging. I of course feasted on it’s contents like a half starved mountain werewolf/vampire hybrid and now feel a little woozy. I am most gutted as this now means I have ‘the taste’ early and ten cans might not see me through till christmas after all :(

Now, I was drifting off into a magical place watching Rock Poets a programme mostly about Jim Morrison, but with input from American and British poets from the 60’s and 70’s. The imagery that their monologues were evoking was truly magnificent. It reminded me of the time I went Whale Watching off Virginia Beach. I didn’t know whether to point, take a picture, watch or wet myself! Well I wasn’t so excited watching tellie of course, but I was torn between listening and writing. I can see that I will have to watch it several times over.

I was feeling a bit blue, I had been to see Mr Muslim. I ought not have done, but I had to kill the perfect image of him that I had in my mind. I did so successfully and he is just a man again, he like myself is starting to show his age. But, I wanted to stay there with him and talk and hold him and be held by him and… well chemistry is a powerful thing. He looked at me with sad eyes. It wasn’t pity, but there was sadness there and I can’t tell who it belonged to. I have been listening to Beyonce’s “I miss you”.

My cousin lost her baby and is of course so very sad about this. It brought back loads of memories for me and the very apparent emptiness of my own womb. We are not supposed to talk about these things, about the fragility of early pregnancy and so women lose children and blame themselves over and over without just cause. I can’t help thinking that is somewhat Masochistic. So what if some men folk can’t take it? Surely it is best that everybody knows about the realities of life.

Anyway… fairytales and fucking diznee… you know who I mean. I wrote a poem about it once, I find it quite funny, but so close to Christmas I won’t share it.

As I was tidying the kitchen a fly resurrected itself. Seriously, we have had some bitterly cold weather and there is no separate heating in my kitchen, where this thing came from I have no idea. It was clearly dying and fell into my recycling (which seems to suggest I am a drunk Italian by the way) I emptied said recycling on floor so it could fly out side and feed something crawly, but no, it flew into my bin and then stopped buzzing. Stupid fly. I am not emptying my bin out. As I had my window open my prayer flags were flapping so it may already have had a good send off!

I am of course cooking a vegetable pasta sauce type dish. And where are my tea-spoons disappearing to? Oh, this reminds me… Things that I have not told you 1) I am alergic to the cat. I have sprayed some stuff round the house that hopefully will control the amount of itchyness in her dander.

2) I am not allergic to cheese, but it does make my tummy poorly. Go figure. BUT there is an answer to my cheese woes, apparently in the form of Nutritional Yeast! Which is apparently cheesy in taste and will provide me with all the nutrients I need so I don’t have to start eating whole cows! I can now go back to a mostly vegetarian diet!

3) My life coaching was very successful. But I am unable to share the out come. It should reveal it’s self through my actions.

My sauce needs stirring, I’m hungry and I want another drink. My house is nearly ready for Christmas, not bad to say I don’t usually celebrate and I am going to leave you with this…

Have a superly amazing Christmas (whatever your religion or lack there of) and a supremely joyful New Year (or Hogmanay). I hope that you get everything you need and a little bit of what you want. Love, Light and Laughter to you all.