Dreams… Well you knew already that it wasn’t going to be all about the bees didn’t you!? Did I tell you the one where I was stroking my cat and I tugged on her ears (she likes it) and her head popped off (in the dream)… That was weird. I think I have sinusitis again. My face hurts. This new vac that I have is excellent. Or at least it is when I remember to put the filter back in.

The thing about bees, they are in decline, which is bad because we really need them. There are different reasons for this but the only one you can do anything about is not concrete all your garden and have a range of indigenous plants growing. I wish I had a garden.

My nephew is visiting tomorrow, excited. But I don’t know if I will sleep tonight because of all the above and the dream that I had about recognising my limits as being my strength. Or my limitations are my strength. Hm. I wrote another 8 pages of my book and killed off my protagonist, this is fabulous news as one of the motivations I made was to see the day out with her.

How does this fit together. Is the dream about the cat a really obvious reference to my allergy. I keep forgetting that I am allergic to her (thanks Dyslexia!) but I had been keeping up with the vac-ing. I forget the bedroom, as I pulled up the carpet, to keep the dander down. She is also banned from the bedroom (mostly). I remembered to sweep the floor yesterday and removed a cat sized dust bunny.

I hoovered and polished and then hoovered again for measure. Forgetting to put the filter back on after I emptied it. The engine spat out a cloud of dust, I might as well have not bothered. I had to leave it for a day to settle, so I could hoover and polish over again.

Keeping bees is a good thing cos we need them, but I’m unsure of the ethical implications of harvesting the honey. Honey is said to be good for allergies that are rhino-something based, like mine is. So, a teaspoon of honey a day might help my head. I would be clearer more often and able to write lots. And have the capacity to create the pieces of art that are clamouring for attention.

After my speech, I was thanked by some of the crowd, I told them I was nervous. They said it didn’t show, I thought “So, the bit in the middle where I giggled like a loon, told you my name and said I’m really frightened didn’t tip you off then?”.

In a week I start work then I will have less time to write, but then I will have money and will be able to move. Garden. This is a head full of Ow! Especially, since now I have face ache as well.

For a head full of WOW, find Digital Demigods (Jamie Macpherson). Hola!

For a voice full of WOW, check out Alabama Shakes.

And finally, not that it matters, it was Heidi Klum not Claudia Schiffer.