So the weirdness continues… yet another man comes back into my life out of the blue. I had met him at a social last year, promised to FB him and duly did so. Eight months later, he messages me, to tell me he missed my email. For 4 or 5 days we send each other a message everyday and then. Nothing. Gone-ski. No longer present. 9 days and counting.

We talked about various interests many of which are mutual. Shared light jokes and talked about the state of the world. Then poof! I am grateful that he wasn’t another douche looking for an affair. Unless he was and I missed that bit. But even my pals are confused with this one. What gives menfolk… why are you all being a bit weird?

Anyhoo, been looking after the paternal grandmother, who has been barely able to breath for two weeks. It’s been a very worrying time, but she seems to be coming around.

Did some shopping got me a free bottle of Champagne. And I have a lot to celebrate. I have this wonderful project that looks like it’s got legs. I have managed to develop it so far, that I am looking to role out a pilot in the next couple of weeks. Will be applying for funding soon.

Will also be admitting pieces of my writing into competitions. I am not nervous at all. In fact the opposite, I’m ready to rock people. Completely excited to “stand in my power”. Have I said that already? Time for a disco I think…

Saved all the email notifications so that I could read all your blogs… 164! You have been busy.

I haven’t been listening to anything new recently, more of the same old in all honestly, but Cee Lo Green has been a favourite. And look, don’t tell anyone, but I have been listening to Beyonce too. Roots Manuva made a guest appearance today.

So, look who’s practicing gratitude…