Soooooo, what did I do today? What am I thinking about? I can’t remember what is in my last blog and I haven’t reread it… I’m going Punk. I can’t expect my Nan to and not do so myself, I ain’t no hypocrite!

Last night I stayed up a little later, thinking to myself that I can have a lay in, as I’m on a late. 1am, not too late though. At 4.30am I am wide awake. Same at 5. Okay, tea, toast, mandala. 7am back to bed… mmmm sleeeeeep. Wrong. 9.30am the work man comes to fix my land line. I have been phone less for weeks and to be honest I quite like it.

As the Nan is in hospital and the mobile is out of action too, I thought I’d best get it sorted. I’m on the east side now, what ever that means. He leaves about 10ish but needs to ring me. So, tea and toast it is. Then I turn on the computer do a little work from home. (tee hee do you hear that? Work! Paid work!). The technician rings at 10.30am.

What to do? Nan needs pajamas and tissues, it takes two hours to get there, then to work doing some decorating stuff, no point having a bath must remember to take food, hour to work, then two hours home, five hours traveling for 3 hours of doing stuff, seems a little wonky to me, no matter.

Stay up then ok. Do a bit more work. Then it all gets a bit boring so I’ll skip bits… The people in my Nans ward are all complaining because of one woman in obvious distress, they want to put her in an ‘asylum’. Despite being assured she is not mentally ill, they still are not happy. You let it go though, cos at 80 some and being poorly and unable to sleep your not going to appreciate being corrected.

I advise they close the door. Silence, but with 4 pairs of eyes staring at me intently. What door!? I point to the sliding door in the wall. They look at me again, “we had best not. There might be a reason they need it open”. A while later a nurse comes in, I ask if they can shut the door. She looks at the women in the bed. I think she hasn’t heard me, the women bristle even my Nan, they want me to shut up I can tell…

“Can they shut the door at night?” She looks around again, all women looking pointedly at me now, saying “It was her” with their eyes… The nurses hearing aid is whistling, I shout, “CAN THEY SHUT THE DOOR AT NIGHT?!”. “Oh, my hearing aid must need it’s battery replacing I can’t hear you. Yes, you can shut the door, that’s what you do at night isn’t it? Shut the bedroom door.”

I smile, pleased with myself, my Nan looks relieved and the other women are pleased the nurse hasn’t exacted some kind of terrible revenge on me, because of my impertinence. She checks charts and leaves. The women immediately say, “She doesn’t have the authority to tell us we can close the door”. I shift in my seat, just because I’m moving into a better position and one of the women says hurriedly, “YOU CAN NOT CLOSE THE DOOR”.

I raise an eyebrow, “I wasn’t going to” I say, “but you have been told you can close the door”. “She doesn’t have the authority to tell us we can”, they say. My Nan looks worried and disappointed, she’s tired I can tell. I say to her, “Clearly, we are not amongst the rebels here Nan”. She giggles. “You will have to show them what rules are for!” She starts laughing and the women are horrified. HORRIFIED!

I can see them all laying there tonight, wide eyed and delirious with sleep deprivation and my Nan creeping on tip toes to close the door and being ratted out by one of the women pressing for the nurse… SHE DOESN’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO CLOSE THE DOOOOOOOOR!!!!