I failed to get another interview… The promotions I was working on can’t continue if I can’t lay out initially, so they are on stand by, which is a damn shame as they were something positive to look forward to.

I’m seriously tired. The long term unemployment is really taking it out of me. I’m sick of cutting my own hair and watching it dry all frizzy because I can only afford the cheapest shampoo. I dread putting my one pair of jeans on, in case they tear, I can’t afford to replace them. Shoes, I have in abundance, they are all knackered though and worn through. My bed sheets though freshly laundered every week are looking like something from the 1920’s. All my jumpers are bobbly. I only have 2 pans with handles now.

The cat has been really poorly and had to have a tooth out. Every time I pick up a bit of work, it seems that it’s just in time to pay off a debt or cover an emergency, and then I’m on my arse again. My C.V. looks like I can’t hold down a job for shit. Or if I edit out all the bits and bobs here and there, it looks like I’ve been out of work longer than I have and I don’t know which is worse.

I’d love to go swimming again, but you guessed it, I can’t afford it. I’m so tired of this.

I earned a bit of money for looking after some things for a friend, it’s enough to buy some food and get my travel to the hospital apt. Let’s not talk about that. I handed my notice in to the landlord, tried to retract it but can’t as they are selling the house now… So I have to find some where to live and some money to move there.

My friends have seen how despondent I am and bought tickets to some gigs, man they were amazing. A real tonic, just what I needed to take my mind off things for a while. If you have a friend who’s down on their luck, sling them a life line and get them out of town for a bit. You’ll all be happier for it. A day off from being the fat/skinny moaning kid with no money is worth a shit load of karma points, I’m sure. Just don’t talk about work, and how somethings bound to show up soon…

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