I am eccentric, eclectic and utterly confused. I write and produce art mainly for my own amusement. My bread and butter work is with disengaged youths in Bradford. It challenges me and keeps me young. Not that I need much help in the youthful cast of mind stakes. I am constantly surprised at how magnificent and tragic this world can be. My greatest weaknesses (I have been told) are that I think too much and I am proud. I’ll be there for you but I always find asking for help a struggle, it’s true.

Being Dyslexic I find a great positive with unexpected side effects. Living in the real world can be problematic. Not that I’m a Billy Liar type character, just that sometimes how I perceive things to be and how they are can be very different. Obviously my perceptions lead to actions that can seem incongruous to other people. It leads for an interesting life.

Thankfully, I was brought up to be honest and kind.